The moment : 美成年, Bounce.

KIM WOOJIN 2nd Mini Album  <The moment : 美成年, Bounce.>

Bounce is a word used to describe reaction from a ball when it hits the ground. It could also mean hearts racing.

Kim Woojin’s 2nd mini album is on the continuum from his first album.
While the first album captures different emotions, hardships and small hope as a minor,
the second album embodies coming of age to individuality, confidence, positive energy and love with its music. It’s the story of a beautiful adulthood, coming into the most beautiful moment in life.

It sings of becoming a fully grown adult by overcoming he anxiety, conflict and frustration of the minor.

The will to live life by my own rules with individuality The dynamic energy to realize my own dreams
The first heart-fluttering feeling for someone The freedom to leave wherever the heart desires
In the midst of that, a complicated feeling that’s hard to grasp And my deepest and honest story that I could only share with you

This album expresses the positive and dynamic energy with coming-of-age, with many different emotions.

We hope Kim Woojin’s second ‘The moment’ can bring positive energy to your each and every day.

<Track List>

1.   어른아이 (On my way)
The title track ‘On my way’ sings about positive energy and not bending to pressure from outside, to continue being no one else but me.
With the punk rock band sound and colorful guitars, Kim Woojin’s powerful vocal style that’s never been seen in previous albums bring a different character.

2.   Song of Icarus
Inspired by Icarus from Greek mythology, this track sings of moving forward towards own dreams
- hopeful. Starting with a minimalistic sound as the beat adds on to make it fuller, it feels as if taking off the ground and flying with wings on the back.

3.   Telepathy
A strange feeling for someone else for the first time, and the telepathic sensation of knowing that there’s a connection. This song is about the moment of falling in love for the first time. There’s a fresh and heart-fluttering feeling across the whole song.

4.   Drive Away
‘Drive Away’ is about going wherever the heart wants, to get away from the complications and worries from the everyday life. A soothing, whispering vocal singing a beautiful melody brings the feeling of a ticklish breeze on the face while driving away - happiness itself.

5.   Tryin’
We try to forget the feeling we have for the person we love, but it somehow never goes away. This song sings about the irony of it. The playful rhythm with a repeating hook, singing lyrics of complicated feelings creates a contrasting vibe that is special.

6.   Say Something To Me
This track closes the 2nd mini album ’The moment : Bounce’. It is about the most honest story from the deep, emphasizing the acoustic guitar with Woojin’s dreamy, whispering voice.

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Producer Jay

A&R Kim Hyejung

Content Director Kim Jinju

Artwork Design Sparks Edition

Promotion Design Kwon Jinju

Photographer Song Siyoung

MV Director Kim Jinju

Styling Kim Minjun

Hair Bokyung

Make-up Miri

Performance Director B.B Trippin

Promotion Kang Sunghye

Management Lee Seokjin, Kim Nackhyun, Park Chanho

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